Chris Harnan

Chris Harnan lives and works in East London, England. He is an illustrator and artist who exhibits paintings and drawings, made both digitally and on paper in more traditional media. Chris’ work attempts to simplify and reduce the world around him, often to coloured dots and non-pictorial shapes.

Experimenting with composition is a large part of Chris’ process and his affinity for playing with different components on a page is one of the reasons why he prefers simple geometrics and basic imagery.

Past clients include Bloomberg, Berliner Zeitung, Nike Portland, Nike Shanghai, Popeye magazine, the Typography Biennale in Seoul, and the Chinese clothes brands ZucZug and Lane Crawford.

Past exhibitions include ‘Drawings and Collage’ (2020, London, Amp Gallery), and ‘Grand Drame’ (2019, Lyon, Studio H13). In 2023, Chris will release his second book ‘BIG POOL’ with publisher Breakdown Press. In 2017, he published ‘World Problem Solution Book’ with publisher Studio Operative.

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