Tina Touli

Tina Touli is a London-based creative director, graphic communication designer, speaker and educator. She thrives on designing multidisciplinary work that involves a variety of techniques, showcased across different platforms and mediums, always with a great attention to detail.

Her practice involves digital and print design, typography, branding, graphics, animation, and more, diving deep into each project's needs in order to provide the best suitable design solution. Her work is widely recognised for the blending of the analogue and the digital worlds, mixing various materials and techniques. Tina’s natural curiosity takes her to unexplored places where unique concepts come to life. She is known for her perseverance and ‘doer’ attitude, turning every challenge into an incredible opportunity of creation.

Her diverse clientele includes but is not limited to: Adobe, Dell, HP, Selena Gomez’s Wondermind, The New Yorker, Ciroc Vodka, Tate, Converse, Glo, Dropbox and LinkedIn.

She has won national and international awards for design excellence, including the Transform Awards, the European Packaging Design Association Awards and more.

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