Lina Ekstrand

Living in the countryside with my family makes nature a big part of my life. I spend a lot of time outside and in the wild, which of course spills over to my work as well. It is not so much a source of inspiration as a way of living and thinking as a whole, and my love for nature is the foundation on which I stand. I've started a permaculture garden community in our nearest village, I grow vegetables in my garden, I gather herbs and flowers and I spend my days drawing them.

I'm a true romantic and in my work I'm quite traditional, I work with pencil drawings and hand drawn ink details and put them together digitally. I love working conceptually and my illustrations often consist of many layers with different meanings. And of course, lots of natural elements!

I´ve been working as an illustrator for almost two decades, and worked with a wide range of different areas and techniques:  live drawing for absolute vodka and Aussie, my own line of children's porcelain for Rörstrand, textile patterns, editorial illustration, large scale illustrations for window displays, repeat patterns, packaging, book covers and much more.

Education: Foundation course at London college of printing and a BA in Visual Communication at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. 

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