Studio Ayuhara

Sebastian Jung is a freelance illustrator and communication designer based in Düsseldorf. His style is playful, colorful, and unconventional. Continuously pushing the boundaries of his signature lines, he explores new avenues to evolve his style, most recently venturing into the realm of 3D.

The creation of "Studio Ayuhara" was invented by necessity. Throughout Sebastian's career and life, there were multiple individuals, sharing the name "Sebastian Jung". This even extended to his school, where three others bore the same name, causing frequent misunderstandings. Complicating matters, a well-known German footballer also carries this name. To establish a distinct identity, Sebastian had to devise a new moniker. The name "Ayuhara" is derived from the anime series "アタックNo.1" (Attack No.1 or Mila Superstar), featuring a main character whom Sebastian admired deeply during his childhood. Additionally, this name reflects his profound connection to Japanese culture, an influence he encounters daily in his hometown. Düsseldorf boasts the largest Japanese community in Germany.

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