Joanne Joo

Joanne Joo is a Chinese illustrator based in Bangkok, Thailand, who is renowned for her wonderfully weird 3D scenes and heavily textured 2D dreamy drawings. Her art is a harmonious blend of storytelling and imagination, two of the most powerful creative forces that she strongly believes in.

She has a unique approach to creating characters, as she often enters their headspace to better understand their perspective. Joanne believes that her characters have a better understanding of the situation than she does, which results in her creating figures that are quirky, blocky, and beautifully blizzard. 

Initially, Joanne used digital brushes with heavy textures and details in her illustrations. However, after discovering 3D modeling, her approach to illustration underwent a significant transformation. She now employs 3D models as her canvas, seamlessly blending them into her paintings to create a truly unique and captivating style.

Selected Clients: Hermès, Liberty, Wepresent, Kohler, the Shanghairen, Condé Nast Traveler, Brown Alumni Magazine, New York Time Kids China, Vinepair, Post-wave publishing house.

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